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1. Apr. 2010 Laut, die das Hasbro Q&A veroffentlicht haben, kommt der Classics 3.0 Drift neu heraus. Er kommt als Repaint und hat dann den Namen Blurr. Unter der neuen Reihe "Transformers Generations" hat er dann wohl einen anderen Kopf und andere Waffen. Hier der original Post:
Transformers Generations Springer Instructions. Click image to zoom to original size. There's more! View all Transformers Springer toys. toy page: Transformers Generations Springer
transformers 2010 - generations - darkmount (straxus) - loose - 100% complete. the transformers generations line continues where the classics line left off, bringing forth more modern versions of legendary bots from the g1 days. $12.95 more info. Sold Out
[Archive] Page 61 Post Your Hauls Transformers General Discussion. Picked up Generations Darkmount, Red Alert, and Soundwave from Gotham Collectibles. :) Also got a surprise gift from my sister. That HTFD Voyager repaint . G1 Motormaster Instructions (Spanish) G1 Octane Instructions (Spanish)
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6 days ago Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers manga; The Battle of the Star Gate; The Headmasters cartoon . used his geological skills to map out a safe path underneath the planet's surface to bomb the underlying support structures of Darkmount, bringing down Straxus's whole fortress.
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Transformers Generations Darkmount Instructions. Click image to zoom to original size. There's more! View all Transformers Darkmount toys. toy page: Transformers Generations Darkmount
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