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9 Jan 2016 The laser-guided bomb — the grandfather of modern, precision, air-dropped munitions — saw its first use in combat in Vietnam way back in 1972. The target Over-engineered with large concrete abutments and ringed with anti-aircraft guns and surface to air missiles, the Dragon was not to be trifled with.
2 Mar 2009
2 Sep 2003 The KAB-1500LG-F-E, 1500LG and 1500LG-OD-E are laser-guided bombs with HE, concrete piercing or aerosol warheads with similar pop-out fins. The weapons are associated with the KAB-500 Kr-UPK and UNU targeting systems, which are designed to "search for, detect and identify ground and sea
technology. Modern laser guided bombs. When the first LGBs were introduced by the US Air. Force during the late 1960s they were employed mostly against strategic targets in North Vietnam such as bridges, bunkers, tunnel entrances and other hard targets requiring a direct hit to destroy. The reasoning was simple: reduce
7 Oct 1999 US military officials say fighter jets patrolling northern Iraq, wary of killing civilians, are using laser-guided bombs filled with concrete instead of explosives and dropping them on military targets near populared areas; map; Once they reach the border, about an hour away, only the fighter jets enter Iraq.
29 Apr 2011 Keep in mind that the bombs, while concrete, are still guided by modern technology like GPS or lasers onto their targets since a near miss with a concrete bomb won't get you much. This wouldn't be the first time such weapons have been used in modern air warfare. The U.S. used laser-guided concrete
4 Apr 2003 RAF Tornado jets are set to drop 1000lb laser-guided blocks of concrete on enemy targets in Iraq.
A concrete bomb is an aerial bomb which contains dense, inert material (typically concrete) instead of explosive. The target is destroyed using the kinetic energy of the falling bomb. Such weapons can only practically be deployed when configured as a laser-guided bomb or other form of smart bomb, as a direct hit on a small
28 Sep 2014 The GBU-12 usually packs a standard mk82 bomb as an explosive charge, although iron and concrete filled 'dummy rounds,' usually used in practice, can pummel a target when a GBU-12 laser guidance kit is attached. This 'concrete bomb' inert configuration can be used when attacking vehicles and

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