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18 Dec 2014 My biggest question comes down to safety. The car in question is a 6 speed manual transmission that is parked on a sloped gravel driveway. I'd
9 Jan 2017
31 Dec 2015
9 Apr 2013
Given the safety issues involved in remote starting a car with a manual transmission, I would say that the best starter for a car with a manual transmission is the driver, who manually engages the starter by turning the key the 'start' position whilst at the same time depressing the clutch pedal fully to the floor, applying the
28 Jun 2014
15 Mar 2017 In regards to whether it's safe to install a remote car starter in a car with a manual transmission, that all depends on the skill of the tech who does the work and how you use it. There are places where remote car starters are illegal, primarily due to theft concerns, and those issues still exist for manual
15 Mar 2013
8 Jan 2014 My only concern would be about safety. My buddy's dad had remote start in his manual car, but would always forget to leave it in neutral. He lost his keys once - someone found them in the parking lot and starting pressing buttons to see which car it belonged to and accidentally hit the start button, causing
What a joke that was. There was nothing out there that appeared to be both safe and reliable. Today, installations in standard transmission vehicles make up about 20% of our car starter business. So what changed our minds? A couple of years ago, our remote starter vendor came up with a very easy to use, reliable and