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Your Herald. An Introduction. Greetings, We have not met, but I have long been a follower of your exploits. I am a collector of tales of great daring and heroism, and your name has come up increasingly in the stories that have been reported to me. I've spoken with your mentor, and the suggestion was made that I contact you
Here is a video walkthrough guide I put together for farmable CoF EM (2nd path). You can skip ahead to certain boss fights/events. Thanks for watching.
I've run Ascalon Catacombs (as a fresh 30), Caeducus Manor (~ 45), CoF Explorable (Old Way) about 35 times and CoF Story once. That's not exactly a huge resume, but having been through Orr, doing CoF without dying and just trying to expose myself (gasp) to as many sources of info as I can (oh whew,
24 Sep 2013
10 Nov 2017 The Flame Legion has splintered into rival factions in the wake of Gaheron's death, and each has its own plan to regain the upper hand in the battle against the other legions of the charr. Representatives of the Pact must now scramble on multiple fronts to deal with the remains of the Flame Legion.
19 Nov 2016 The following are Citadel of Flame Explorable Modes designed for players of level 75. Higher level players will have their levels scaled down to 70 and 75 appropriately.
10 Jan 2013 The Citadel of Flame is a level 70/75 dungeon located in Fireheart Rise that requires the completion of a group event to access. It follows the story of Logan and Rytlock as they attempt to stop Gatheron Baleflame from becoming well, Ragnaros.
20 Nov 2012 Full map: Ferrah Route: Two puzzles you have to solve: Magg Route: Rhiannon Route: Torch puzzle: Controlling the point puzzle: Walk of death puzzle (yes, you will die a lot)
Citadel of Flame Path 2: Prevent the resurrection of Gaheron. Normal; Coordinated; Rewards. Level: 75. Reward: 0.61 g + 100 tokens. Average length: 17 minutes. Difficulty: Easy. Enemies: Flame Legion. Time: Night. Use Potion of Flame Legion Slaying, Sigil of the Night and Sigil of Force. Video guide (Banter Bill).
14 Oct 2015