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then enters the exhaust elbow, where it mixes with. $2 exhaust gases before being expelled from the boat. A thermostat controls water circulation to provide quick engine warmup and maintain a constant operating temperature. Closed Cooling System. MerCruiser engines may also be equipped with a closed cooling system
Mercruiser Manual - Mercruiser - Service Manual - Number 12 - Marine Engines (In-Line Diesel) - 90-814099-2 196 . Page:133 - Engine Specifications UNIT OF MEASUREMENT in . ( mm ) MODEL 530D - TA D183 636D - TA D219 D254 Engine Type - In - Line Diesel 5 Cylinder 6 Cylinder 6 Cylinder Firing Order 1 - 2 - 4 - 5
Additionally mounted on the bottom of the closed Description cooling tank an oil filter head assembly with There are basically two different configurations of the thermostatic control provides for cooling of engine closed cooling system and coolant tanks but oil . Refer to SECTION 3A - Engine Oil Thermostat . operation is
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MerCruiser 350 mag mpi mie thermostat and housing parts. Buy a genuine Mercury Quicksilver or aftermarket part.
Mercruiser Manual - Mercruiser - Service Manual - Number 12 - Marine Engines (In-Line Diesel) - 90-814099-2 196 . Page:382 - Table Of Contents Page Page Testing 6B - 1 Thermostat - Engine O il . 6B - 26 MCM - 530D - TA 636D - TA D183 Cleaning and Inspection ( Disassembled ) 6B - 28 and D219 Engines .