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6 Nov 2010
Lavazza Blue LB1100 Coffee Machine. Lavazza Blue LB2500 Semi Automatic Coffee Machine. Lavazza Colibri Manual Vending Coffee Machine.
book.lavazza espresso point manual - christineforsyth - download and read lavazza espresso point manual guide manual keywords: lavazza lb 2200, lavazza lb lavazza espresso point owners manual - lb 1100, dal design firmato pininfarina, A?A? compatta e maneggevole, ideale per lA?A€A™uso domestico e per le
With its elegant, soft lines and refined, exclusive design, the Lavazza Espresso Point EP 951 Dosata easy cleaning and maintenance make it extremely practical to use.
Design by Pininfarina CONTACT US. Lavazza Espresso Point presents. EP 2100 (PININFARINA) 24V Espresso Point technology and Pininfarina design: a mini masterpiece of flavour. Lavazza EP 2100 is compact, versatile, easy to use and suitable for any environment. Thanks to its functional high-automation capsule
A Curetu?y read all the instructions in this manual Power the machine by connecting its tend with the electrical outlet {tig. 2l. betere using Ta wort: property, the "Espresso Point Matinee“ :noehine needs to toe positioned on e sul'ticienth,r The “Espresso t"'1;:||intt'i'tratini'se"I machine gets very hat so il must theretore be.
La macchina "Espresso Point" e progettata per funzionare a: 230 V 50 Hz (EP 2100 e EP 2200). NON inserire mai la spina di alimentazione della macchina in una presa con una diffe- rente tensione.
Manual Lavazza Blue Lb 2500 Plus Manual and subject, we were pleasantly surprised by this Pininfarina design. Lavazza's latest. English: Picture of a Lavazza BLUE Guzzini coffee machine for the preparation of Lavazza BLUE. Date/Time, Thumbnail Lavazza ESPRESSO POINT MATINEE Pdf User Manuals.
Lire attentivement ces instructions avant d'utiliser la machine. MANUEL D'INSTALLATION ET D'UTILISATION coffee and espresso brewed with LAVAZZA pods;. - hot drinks prepared using special .. other than a Lavazza pod inside the tray. At this point the pod has been inserted and the user is prompted to select the.