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Drop spindles come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The position of the round disk on the shaft of your spindle determines whether you are using a "bottom whorl" or a "top whorl" spindle. As you spin you will be storing your yarn around the longest part of the shaft. The hook at the top is used to secure your yarn to prevent it
Learning to Spin on a Drop Spindle. People have been spinning a look at the spindle. At the top is a hook, attached on to a disc called a whorl, below spindle. You are now drafting the fibre, use your bottom hand to stop the twist traveling in to your un- drafted fibre. Remember, twisted fibres don't slide past each other.
A drop spindle (these instructions are for top-whorl drop spindles); fiber prepared for spinning; A length of yarn to use as a leader. The Fiber ( wool cotton flax ect.) For discussion perpouses the fiber will often be refured to as wool. Pull off a small section from one end of the wool preparation and gently grasp the fibers from
Once you have mastered the spindle you will have learned the steps needed for spinning on the spinning wheel: drafting out fibers, twisting the fiber into yarn, and winding up and storing the spun yarn. tying the leader on the spindle Tying on the Leader To begin spinning on a bottom whorl drop spindle, attach a leader to
7 Jun 2012
Wash your handmade yarn before use. Make sure the direction of the spinning hand spindle (drop spindle) always stays the same. There are different types of hand spindles—bottom whorl and top whorl as well as Navajo spindles. Experiment with different amounts of twist to find what you are most comfortable with.
11 Nov 2016 How to Use a Drop Spindle. Before using a drop spindle, practice drafting out the fibers. Take a piece of plied wool yarn about 18 inches long and tie it onto the spindle shaft as your leader. Start practicing with the spindle.
10 Mar 2014 Top Whorl Drop Spindle Instructions. Learn to make your own yarn on a Top Whorl Drop Spindle with A Yarn Loving Mama 1) Take a length of 100% wool yarn of about 20 inches long and double it up so it forms a big loop. Tie it to the spindle securely beneath the whorl.
Drop Spindle Spinning Tutorial. Spinning your own yarn for knitting, weaving, or crocheting is immensely satisfying, and expands your creativity options. First, you need a spindle and some fiber. I like to start folks out with a bottom whorl spindle that has a hook and some Corriedale wool roving. Spindle Spinning Instructions