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(eg a short but expensive helicopter tour) If the tour has a driver and a guide, should the tip be split 50/50? And if not then what? Thanks.
25 May 2017 Use our Hawaii tipping guide for the answers. Related: Tipping: How Much to Tip Tour Guides, Taxis, Hotel Maids, and More?
15 Jan 2011 Tours: Many tours included in All inclusive Hawaii vacations will either provide you with a tour guide or someone to entertain you on the drive.
aloha, so we are exactly one week away from our first trip to Hawaii and starting to get Tour guides: $20 per couple for a long tour, more if you really enjoyed it.
13 May 2014 Travaasa Hana: No tipping allowed (for the most part.) suggested/expected for activities—guided tours, snorkeling cruises, zipline tours, etc.
20 Oct 2015 Check out some good tipping guidelines to follow while on your Hawaiian trip. Airport. If a luggage handler takes your bags for you, whether curbside or inside the actual airport, you should tip between $1 and $2 per bag. Drivers. Tour Guides. Hotel. Restaurants.
22 Nov 2014 Just wondering what the expectations are around tipping the tour guides? Thanks so muchcan't wait to get back to beautiful Hawaii again in
31 Jul 2017 At Your Hotel or Resort. Bellmen - If you utilize a bellman to take your bags to your room on arrival or from your room on checkout, you should tip at least $2 per bag. Generally I tip $5 for 2 bags and $10 for anything more.

23 Apr 2012 First time to the US (Hawaii) from a country that doesn't tip as a requirement (only for great service at That would add up fast if you were to do several tours. Remember this, if you are on a tour, there may be up to 60 people.